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BioGenerate is a solution to encrypt device to device communication by harnessing the body's unique biological signals to generate strong cryptographic keys. Our approach couples high quality randomness with efficiency in generation, so not just less predictable, but less computationally hungry.


Our technology has multiple applications for manufacturers in the medical, fitness and automotive sectors. For example securing communication between medical implants and their external controllers,or securing the communication for keyless entry systems.

BioGenerate is a collaborative research-based spin-out from Imperial College London and University of Gloucestershire.

Latest News


CyberASAP Demo Day a huge success. BioGenerate is now a CyberASAP Graduate!


Very positive reception at the 3rd CyberASAP 'meet the investor' event in London.


BioGenerate is one of just 13 projects to progress to phase three of the 3rd CyberASAP programme and secure InnovateUK funding to develop a minimum viable product for the ultimate market validation.


FDA Warning: Potential Cybersecurity Concerns with Certain Medtronic Insulin Pumps

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BioGenerate is one of 20 projects to complete phase one, and enter phase two of the 3rd CyberASAP programme.

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Biogenerate is one of 26 projects to enter phase one of the 3rd CyberASAP programme.

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Publication: Quam Bene Non Quantum: Bias in a Family of Quantum Random Number Generators

Darren Hurley-Smith and Julio Hernandez-Castro

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Blog: Understanding Pacemaker Systems Cybersecurity

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